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A guy can change anything. His face, his home, his family, his girlfriend, his religion, his God...

But there's one thing he can't change. He can't change his passion. 

From the movie "The Secret in Their Eyes"

I consider myself a storyteller. That's my passion. I write, direct and edit, three disciplines which are intimately connected. For me, editing is the last opportunity to rewrite what was already rewritten by the director, based on the story written by the writer. The connection between these mediums inspires me and I enjoy them equally, both in my own projects and in someone else's. My background as a Music Composer has always helped me in my job, giving me a great sense of tempo and rhythm, not only important in editing, but in directing and writing too. And my studies in Image and Sound Engineering also granted me technical knowledge, and above all, learning capacity to carry out my work.

Recently I've been awarded -together with my friend and partner Nacho Sanchez Quevedo- with the most prestigious screenplay Awards in Spain and Latinamerica, the Premio SGAE de Guion 'Julio Alejandro', for our project "The Secret of the Magi" an ambitious animation screenplay that we are directing too and is already making its first step into production. Another feature that I wrote "The Silence of Marcos Tremmer" has been shot and it's in postproduction now, with important Spanish and Chilean actors like Benjamin Vicuña or Adriana Ugarte. I directed, wrote and produced several international award winning short films (two of them candidates for the Spanish Academy Awards) and I directed "Lo imposible de lo imposible", the real story of J.A Bayona's fiction film "The impossible", a feature length documentary that captured a 39,2% audience share in Telecinco, the biggest channel in Spain.

During my four years in Los Angeles, thanks to an O-1 Visa, also called "Individuals with extraordinary Ability or Achievement", I was lead editor for different channels and platforms such as NBC, NETFLIX, FOX, AMAZON, ESPN or DAZN in projects like feature film "Prescience", starring Eric Roberts and Linda Gray, distributed by Indican Pictures and Lionsgate; the feature documentary "The People's Fighters", for NBC and The Olympic Channel, directed by Peter Berg and Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, produced by Mandalay Sports Media and Frank Marshall; the TV series "40 DAYS: Canelo VS Kovalev", for DAZN, honoree for Best Editing at the Webby Awards, and the TV doc series "The Harder Way", produced by Good Fake, Uninterrupted and LeBron James.

Back in Spain I've been editing series and films such as the Documentary TV Series "Raphaelismo", for Movistar +, "Real Madrid: Until the End" for Apple TV +, the feature documentary "A limitless Journey" for Boomerang TV, or "El Camino" for Movistar +.


I invite you to dive into my website, and have the same fun I had while telling these stories.

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